Southwest Airlines Proactive Communications

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Ding! “Flight Attendants take your seats,” came the announcement from the cockpit. As one who flies quite a bit, this is nothing unusual – maybe some unexpected turbulence. Maybe not! The flight attendant in the front reached into an overhead compartment, grabbed an oxygen cylinder, and darted to her seat behind the partition. Her colleague […]

And the Data Says…

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By Dave Williams, DMWAustin .com Data: facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis (New Oxford American Dictionary). The more I live life and work in organizations, the greater my appreciation for the power of data. This is amplified by the growth of the Internet and computers that bring information to me at the […]

Definition of Quality – In the Eyes of the Beholder?

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DMWAustin company carPhoto: My iPhone For almost 15 years, I've been driving the same old Jeep (1996 Jeep Cherokee SE). I'm not a big driver, so it still has less than 80,000 miles. It's paid off, has AC (important in TX when it's 104F), and is reliable, just not pretty. For me, it's a great […]