DMWAustin is an organizational improvement practice. We partner with public and private sector organizations to enable profound learning, process improvement, and reliable performance. We advise leaders and improvement teams to set clear aims, make practical improvements, and use data for learning that results in substantive change and sustainable success. We are based in Austin, Texas, USA.


DMWAustin collaborates with leaders and organizations to develop organizational capacity and enhance services through education, training, and advising using continuous improvement.


DMWAustin fosters strong client relationships.

  • Develop clear, ambitious, and attainable aims that meet the needs of the organization and its customers and integrate quality as a core strategy.
  • Collaborate with a focus on shared learning and long-term goals.
  • Co-create capacity for continuous learning and sustainability.

DMWAustin supports evidence-based practice.

  • Apply evidence-based methods and best practices to enhance learning and create new innovations.
  • Record and publish knowledge gained in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Create venues for sharing discoveries with colleagues.

DMWAustin practices the methods and principles we teach.

  • We listen and understand client needs.
  • We apply best practice methods and ideas.
  • We continually learn and refine approaches and processes to improve service.

DMWAustin collaborates with others.

  • We collaborate with a cohort of thinkers and practitioners to meet client needs and increase capacity.
  • We recognize that where our expertise has limits, others can serve you well.
  • Through working with others to create great results, we become stronger ourselves.


DMWAustin aims to grow to support organizations of all shapes and sizes, across diverse industries, and use the science of improvement to continually enhance their services and transform the lives of their employees and customers.