Paper: Is Austin’s EMS System Broken?

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Is Austin’s EMS System Broken? That was the question that resulted in a feature article for the September issue of the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) authored by me (DMWAustin ’s own David M. Williams, Ph.D.). JEMS requested the paper after EMS industry leaders noted numerous critical stories in the local Austin press about […]

What charting software should you use?

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By David M. Williams, PhD Understanding variation is an essential part of improvement work. Using run charts and Shewhart control charts to track measures and learn about processes is key. So, a common question I get is: What software should I use? Here are three recommendations for most users. 1) Microsoft Office Excel (or equivalent) […]

In search of electronic file naming conventions

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Anyone who has worked with me has likely experienced my efforts to find some great file I want to share and then watch me struggle to easily retrieve it off my MacBook Air. As process focused as I am, I have been laxed in developing a good system for electronic file folder and file naming […]

Upcoming Paper on Austin EMS System Profiled

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In Fact Daily, an independent subsidiary of the Austin-American Statesman that covers city hall and local politics, covered a recent study soon to be published by David M. Williams, Ph.D. The paper is a study of the Austin-Travis County EMS System and is the feature article in the September 2013 Journal of Emergency Medical Services. […]

D.S.S.S. Model for Rapid Learning

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By David M. Williams, PhD I’ve been a fan of Timothy Ferriss (@tferriss) for a number of years. Ferriss is best known for his popular blog and first book –  The 4-Hour Work Week – about hacking your life. He has since written The 4-hour Body and The 4-Hour Chef where he applies similar concepts to […]

Quantified Self – Self Knowledge Through Numbers

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In improvement science, we talk about measurement for learning, but it’s in the context of business processes. Anyone who has worked with an improvement advisor knows that we think so much through the lens of Profound Knowledge that we don’t limit our data tracking to our work, we also collect data on ourselves. I often […]

NHS South West Improvement Profiled at IHI Forum

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Each year, at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement National Forum in Orlando, FL, project results from across the IHI portfolio are profiled in the annual progress report. This year, one of those projects was the NHS Improvement collaboratives in the South West of England. The run chart above reflects a 7% reduction in Hospital Standardised […]

What we think we say – How we speak to our customers.

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While sitting in on a session at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement National Forum a presenter displayed the following quote on the screen and asked the audience of doctors, nurses, and health care administrators to translate it. “There’s bear in a plain wrapper doing flip flops around 78 handing out green stamps.” The sentence is […]

Client Profile: AMR Northwest Great Lake’s Division

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In addition to Caring for Maria, we also started work with the the AMR operations serving the Seattle, WA metro area. The General Manager, Gil Glass, is an up-and-coming EMS administrator who has lead major EMS systems including Kansas City, MO, Santa Clara County, CA, and now Seattle, WA. Gil and I have learned and […]

Innovative Model to Improve Medic Care Systems

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Before I transitioned my practice to improvement advising many years ago, I worked as an expert consultant to the Ambulance Service industry. Primarily, that included auditing community EMS systems, writing detailed reports, and making recommendations on service improvement. Over time, this approach became unsatisfying because it focused on subject matter expert opinions and poorly leveraged the […]