The Basic Improvement Toolkit

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As an improvement advisor in large scale improvement collaboratives, one of my responsibilities is to provide instruction on the theories and tools of improvement science. A key aim is to teach this content at a level appropriate for the audience and even more importantly enable people to turn around and apply the concepts to their own work. […]

20 Day Challenge Begins Now

in Action Learning, Change, Process Improvement

A critical lens of Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge is knowledge of psychology, which involves concepts of human behavior. In improvement and change, we are frequently faced with the need to change behavior and increase our knowledge. How might we do that? One way to enhance behavior change, or at least learning about what it’ll […]

The Trouble With Relying on Expert Answers & Not Your Own

in Action Learning

  Recently, I had one of those “a-ha” moments with a client as we were working through improving a key process in his company. In the middle of our dialogue about improvement opportunities to test, he stopped me and said, “We are talking about a lot of ideas, but when are YOU going to improve […]