New Article – Leading Quality Across a System

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The role of Chief Quality Officer (CQO) has emerged across North America and now globally over the last several years. No universal theory or professional development program existed to establish a foundation for the body of knowledge of what a CQO should include or how to lead quality across a complex health system. Dr. Williams […]

NHS South West Improvement Profiled at IHI Forum

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Each year, at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement National Forum in Orlando, FL, project results from across the IHI portfolio are profiled in the annual progress report. This year, one of those projects was the NHS Improvement collaboratives in the South West of England. The run chart above reflects a 7% reduction in Hospital Standardised […]

What we think we say – How we speak to our customers.

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While sitting in on a session at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement National Forum a presenter displayed the following quote on the screen and asked the audience of doctors, nurses, and health care administrators to translate it. “There’s bear in a plain wrapper doing flip flops around 78 handing out green stamps.” The sentence is […]

Innovative Model to Improve Medic Care Systems

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Before I transitioned my practice to improvement advising many years ago, I worked as an expert consultant to the Ambulance Service industry. Primarily, that included auditing community EMS systems, writing detailed reports, and making recommendations on service improvement. Over time, this approach became unsatisfying because it focused on subject matter expert opinions and poorly leveraged the […]

Dr. Williams Joins CommUnityCare Board of Directors

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On September 27, 2012 at the September Board of Directors Meeting of CommUnityCare, the board unanimously voted to invite David. M. Williams, Ph.D. to join the board. CommUnityCare is the Community Health Center System serving the City of Austin, TX. It is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), which represents a vital safety net in the […]

20 Day Challenge Day 2 – San Francisco Advanced Measurement

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It’s just day two of my 20-day blog challenge and it’s easy to see why people fail at process change. I’m whipped, still have work to do to prepare for tomorrow, and it was very tempting to skip a post (kind a like cheating on healthy eating or skipping the gym). Reminds me of the many times […]

Donate Yourself & Make a Big Differance

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As a recovering paramedic and one who has worked as a caregiver, administrator, and advisor to health care organizations, I have a vested interest in improving health. A number of years ago, I explored how I wished to give back to my community, but there were so many worthy organizations and rewarding causes for which […]

Texas EMS Conference – Model for Improvement

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The Live Music Capitol of the World – Austin, Texas – has a different buzz downtown today. The convention center is filled with Texas’ volunteer and career emergency medical services caregivers. Held annually, the Texas EMS Conference rivals many national EMS conference events and draws industry leading faculty from across the country and caregivers from […]

Client Profile – American Medical Response

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American Medical Responses (AMR) is the largest private ambulance service in North America. Responding to more than 8,600 requests for service per day and with a staff of 17,000, AMR serves 2,100 communities in 38 states. It is also one of the first organizations Dr. Williams worked with as a paramedic back in Springfield, MA. […]