Small Tests, Collaborative Learning, & Mr. Potato Head

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For the last few weeks, I have been testing an experiential exercise to quickly train large groups to use rapid cycle, small tests of change (i.e., PDSA cycles). The exercise involves teams learning through testing how to assemble a toy Mr. Potato Head. I modified the exercise after working with with Dr. Eric Dickson on the […]

Facts of Life – Unknown Origin

in Health Care

This week, I have been reading a great book by my colleague Robert Lloyd, PhD, Executive Director of Performance Improvement at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Published in 2004, Quality Health Care: Developing and Using Indicators is a great resource for learning about process improvement in health care. Last night, as I finished a chapter (Ch.3), I […]

Lessons in Healthcare Reform

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Health Affairs, a peer-reviewed publication focused on health policy thought and research, posted an article on its blog by Jeff D. Selberg, the new Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) titled “The Shifting Health Care Landscape: Lessons from the Clinton Error”. A former hospital CEO during the Clinton Era, Jeff attempts to compare […]

Opening Plenary – Texas Medical Group Management Association

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On April 7th, Dave Williams had the pleasure of opening the annual meeting of the Texas Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) in San Antonio, Texas with a plenary talk on the Science for Improvement (see link below). More than 200 members came together for a mutli-day conference with a focus on accelerating performance. The Texas […]

Brattleboro Retreat’s Uniformed Services Program

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The Brattleboro Retreat is a not-for-profit mental health and addiction treatment center located in Southern Vermont. It provides a range of diagnosis and treatments for children, adolescents, and adults throughout New England. More than 175 years old, the Retreat is located on a historic campus in beautiful Brattleboro, VT. It was the first mental health […]

Client Profile – Professional Ambulance

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DMWAustin is pleased to be working with Professional Ambulance Service in the Boston Metro area of Massachusetts. A family owned, for profit ambulance service, ProEMS was founded by two friends more than 40 years ago with one ambulance. Today, it has grown to provide paramedic level emergency services in Cambridge – home to Harvard University and […]

What makes a hospital (or any organization) great?

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On St. Patrick’s Day, the New York Times published a story about what makes hospitals great. The article was the result of a qualitative study published this week in the Annals of Emergency Medicine looking at the what distinguishes top performing hospitals from low performing hospitals in the care of acute myocardial infractions (“heart attacks”). […]

Client Profile – Coalition of Advanced Emergency Medical Systems

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DMWAustin is beginning a year long journey with the Coalition of Advanced Emergency Medical Systems (CAEMS). Together, we will embark on an improvement collaborative – modeled after the IHI Breakthrough Series Model used in healthcare around the world – to reduce patient risk, improve quality, and control costs. CAEMS is a professional organization whose members are EMS (i.e., […]

Client Profile – The Institute for Healthcare Improvement

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The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is a not-for-profit organization based in Cambridge, MA. The IHI works with healthcare providers and leaders throughout the world because it believes everyone deserves safe and effective healthcare. The IHI focus on building the will for change and identifying and testing innovative new models for care while partnering with […]