HealthHIV Leadership Training and Certificate Program

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Loretta Holland’s Screen Shot on facebook   Yesterday my friend Loretta Holland was taking an online certificate program from HealthHIV when she noticed a familiar face on her screen and sent this screen shot to our Leadership Austin Alumni facebook group. The program – HealthHIV ASO/CBO Leadership  Training Program was developed by Andy Miller at MillerStephens & Associates to support […]

Put on Your Thinking Hats

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One of the saddest events I have had to witness with management teams is watching potentially good ideas die on the table without ever being explored.  Sometimes it’s because someone claims, “we’ve done this before,” even though it’s a different time and situation.  Or maybe it’s the pessimistic devil’s advocate who chimes in with all […]

What’s Your Conflict Style?

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Before any management program I facilitate, I like to ask the participants what they hope to get out of the session to improve their leadership. Without fail, one of the first topics I hear is conflict management. Anytime you take more than one person and put them together, you instantly add more than one expectation […]

The Importance of Grit

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Since the dawn of time, researchers have been in search of the secret attributes of those that are successful and those that are not. Surprising for many is that a person’s IQ or root intelligence alone is not sufficient. Daniel Goleman, PhD has argued for over a decade that emotional intelligence competencies or human competencies […]

Six Core Concepts of Superior Leaders

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Marcus Buckingham has been steering leaders for several years through his best selling books First, Break All the Rules and Now, Discover Your Strengths based on The Gallup Organization’s study of 80,000 managers and 3 million employees. Now he does it again in his new book The one Thing you Need to Know…About Great Managing, […]

Understanding Interpersonal Relationships

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Understanding Interpersonal Relationships By David M. Williams, DMWAustin consulting Managers in general tend to under appreciate the productivity drag associated with poor interpersonal interactions in the workplace. We write it off as, ‘Oh, that’s just Jane’ or build work arounds instead of trying to learn what causes people to have effective interpersonal relationships. Appreciating how […]