Are you really going to post that?

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In June, I attended my sister’s wedding back home in my hometown of Greenfield, Mass. It was a great event and I got to see many old friends and family. Several guests were also Facebook “friends” of mine, but to be honest I had forgotten because they are virtually inactive. In talking with them, I […]

In search of electronic file naming conventions

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Anyone who has worked with me has likely experienced my efforts to find some great file I want to share and then watch me struggle to easily retrieve it off my MacBook Air. As process focused as I am, I have been laxed in developing a good system for electronic file folder and file naming […]

DMWAustin . What’s in a name?

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I frequently get asked about the name DMWAustin . What does it mean? Where does it come from? The name DMWAustin emerged a decade ago when I was a doctoral student at Saybrook University. I was interested in starting my own consulting practice and I couldn’t stomach calling it Williams & Associates or some other […]

Austin Fit Magazine – Youth in Motion Foundation Best 2012

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The January 2013 issue of Austin Fit Magazine includes it’s readers selection of the Best of 2012. The Youth in Motion Foundation was nominated as one of three local “Best Local Nonprofits” serving kids and focusing in on fitness. Congratulations to the Youth in Motion Foundation, Executive Director Amy Thiel Jones, the coaches, kids, and […]

What we think we say – How we speak to our customers.

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While sitting in on a session at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement National Forum a presenter displayed the following quote on the screen and asked the audience of doctors, nurses, and health care administrators to translate it. “There’s bear in a plain wrapper doing flip flops around 78 handing out green stamps.” The sentence is […]

Fundraiser for Youth In Motion Foundation

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One of my values is to contribute to the community and causes outside of my professional life. This year, I was honored to be invited to join the Board of the Youth In Motion Foundation, a new non-profit group with an aim to bring knowledge and enjoyment around nutrition and active lifestyles to Middle Schoolers across Austin, […]

20 Day Challenge Day 16 – Reaching Out to Strangers

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Greenfield, MA Natives – Penn Jillette & Dave Williams Years ago, a dear friend of mine wanted to apply to Physician Assistant programs. She had a non-medical related bachelors and was working as an EMT for an urban 911 organization to gain experience. She felt she needed a physician recommendation to complement her application. I […]

20 Day Challenge Day 14 – Email Marketing

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Part of running a business includes marketing. Many small businesses have a limited budget for fancy marketing strategies. It’s tough and expensive to create and produce slick materials and advertise to your target audience. Don’t get me started at the idea of cold calling. With the rapid growth of the Internet, email and social media […]

20 Day Challenge Day 8 – Outsourcing & Value of Your Time

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Timer 4:25 — Recently, I have had several conversations with talented professionals who have either left a position or are in the process of exiting. The primary reason for their departure…not feeling valued. Not being valued for their contribution (i.e., recognition and compensation) or for their time and talents (i.e., having to do tasks not […]