Breakthrough and continuous improvement is complex and challenging. Both leadership and frontline employees must have the will to transform and ideas for change. The tough work of developing change ideas that produce results requires thoughtful planning and execution. DMWAustin views all work through four lenses first framed by Dr. W. Edwards Deming: systems thinking, an [...]

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Applying improvement science in an organization requires learning about key theories and tools not found in traditional organizational training or academic preparation. Team members may have limited experience in improvement methods and theories or come with exposure to training in various approaches to improvement. Leaders and team members benefit from a uniform curriculum to enable [...]

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David Williams, Ph.D. is a featured speaker at meetings and conference across North America and Europe. Presentations include diverse topics on the science of improvement and organizational systems and sessions customized to meet the learning needs of the audience and current issues. Dave speaks to mid-sized and large groups in a range of formats: Keynote/Plenary [...]

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