Health Care Reform & High Frequency Utilizers

in Public Relations

As the health care debate continues, political pundits, as well as hacks, talk in sound bites about insurance reform without understanding many of the challenges that face the system and add to its cost. Imagine if the discussion was about solutions to real problems instead of hot button, polarizing topics. What if we were truly […]

Gallup CEO – The Next Evolution of Leadership

in Leadership, Public Relations

In an interview for the Gallup Management Journal, Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of Gallup, predicts the end of the Deming, Six Sigma, process improvement era. He describes process improvement as one of the big evolutions of leadership, but that it has reached its plateau as organizations have maximized efficiencies and have run out of […]

NYT Magazine: Making Health Care Better

in Public Relations

On the Sunday morning following the House’s vote on health care reform, the New York Times Magazine has an excellent article by David Leonhardt about Brent James, MD and Intermountain Healthcare (Utah and Idaho) and their efforts to reduce costs, control variation in care, and improve outcomes using process improvement. Read the article here.