Lessons in Healthcare Reform

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Health Affairs, a peer-reviewed publication focused on health policy thought and research, posted an article on its blog by Jeff D. Selberg, the new Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) titled “The Shifting Health Care Landscape: Lessons from the Clinton Error”. A former hospital CEO during the Clinton Era, Jeff attempts to compare […]

Building a Business That’s Much More

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Members make their way into the converted garage gym and spread out to stretch and prepare for the workout that’s about to begin. Dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells line the walls and half a dozen rowers are staged just outside the rolled up garage doors with pull-up bars across each opening. On a whiteboard on the wall […]

How does Google’s Chromebook Change Us?

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Yesterday, at its developers conference, Google, Inc announced its next big move…the Google Chromebook…a computer designed solely as a gateway to the internet using the Google Operating System based on the Chrome browser. Turn it on, and it starts up in less than 10 seconds. Once on the internet (via a Wi-Fi connection or a built in […]

Leadership Austin at the UT Club

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Last night, I had the pleasure of attending an event for Leadership Austin hosted at The University of Texas Club. Since 1979, Leadership Austin has been instrumental in helping Central Texans, from diverse backgrounds, discover and foster community leadership. Programs include topic focused monthly breakfast meetings, immersion experiences for people new to Austin, and extended cohorts focused on emerging leaders and […]

Coworking – An Emerging Trend in Non-Traditional Workplaces

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To my left is a recovering media producer who now uses her powers as the campaign manager for a not-for-profit called Hope Phones. They recycle our old mobiles and use the proceeds to give cell phones to health workers in developing countries to expand the reach of their health services. A table away, is an intellectual property attorney who […]