20 Day Challenge Day 20 – What I Learned

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On the first of August, I started a self-imposed 20 day blog challenge. My aim was to apply the 20 Day PDSA challenge I use with clients to learn about the process of blogging and how I can increase the quality of the content and the quantity of the postings. I also wanted to learn […]

20 Day Challenge Day 19 – Lessons from First Day of School

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It’s the first day of school in Austin. It’s a big day in our house because our littlest is starting kindergarten and both children will be together at our neighborhood elementary school. The first day of school is always chaotic. Twice as many parents are on campus to see their little ones off, friends reunite […]

20 Day Challenge Day 16 – Reaching Out to Strangers

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Years ago, a dear friend of mine wanted to apply to Physician Assistant programs. She had a non-medical related bachelors and was working as an EMT for an urban 911 organization to gain experience. She felt she needed a physician recommendation to complement her application. I suggested she ask her medical director for a recommendation. […]

20 Day Challenge Day 15 – Science of Improvement and the Weather

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Today, I am joining you from outside Nashville, TN. I flew here last night from Birmingham to join one of my Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) colleagues to teach for the Tennessee Hospital Association on the science of improvement. We had an audience of 100 or so folks from across the state of Tennessee representing […]

20 Day Challenge Day 14 – Email Marketing

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Part of running a business includes marketing. Many small businesses have a limited budget for fancy marketing strategies. It’s tough and expensive to create and produce slick materials and advertise to your target audience. Don’t get me started at the idea of cold calling. With the rapid growth of the Internet, email and social media […]

20 Day Challenge Day 13 – The Role of Failure

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If you’ve been following along, you will note there was no post on day 12. It was the first failure in my 20 day challenge to post on every business day. So, what happened? I returned late Wednesday night from Seattle and hit the sack only to wake up early Thursday morning with kiddos. I […]

20 Day Challenge Day 10 & Ambitious Aims

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Almost four years ago, I wrote a blog post about creating aim statements. You can read the post here. Developing aim statements is a key part of my work with teams. It helps answer the question: What are you trying to accomplish? Aim statements are not always easy to create and frequently the predicted amount […]

20 Day Challenge Day 8 – Outsourcing & Value of Your Time

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Timer 4:25 — Recently, I have had several conversations with talented professionals who have either left a position or are in the process of exiting. The primary reason for their departure…not feeling valued. Not being valued for their contribution (i.e., recognition and compensation) or for their time and talents (i.e., having to do tasks not […]