20 Day Challenge Day 7 – Note Taking Methods

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Timer Begins -21:35 — There are many important skills in life or professionally that no one ever teaches you, but can make a difference in your effectiveness. Time management is one. Running a meeting another. And, one I’ve been thinking a lot about is the art of note taking. Here are some of the things […]

20 Day Challenge Day 6 – Planning for Improvement

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Timer started. — Recently I posted about a client of mine who applied for and was awarded an Innovation Grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicad Services (CMS). You can read about their project here. The CMS Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services Innovations is one of the great legacy programs initiated by Donald Berwick, MD during his – far […]

20 Day Challenge Day 5 & Digital Life Security

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Timer started. — Last night I was brainstorming several topics to post on the blog in the coming days and then I read the story of Mat Honan in Wired. You can read it here. Matt is a writer for Wired magazine and recently he was severely hacked, resulting in loss of digital files, financial risk, and embarrassing posts on […]

20 Day Challenge Day 4 & Blogs

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It’s Monday morning and I’m back in Austin, TX. On the first 3 days of the challenge, I was tackling posting while on the road at the end of the day, so today I’m home and taking a stab at doing a post first thing in the morning. According to the source of all web […]

20 Day Challenge Day 3 – The First Draft

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Anyone who has worked with me lately is familiar with an idea that I am promoting widely…getting to a first draft. After many years of graduate school and professional practice, I have had to write 1000s of pages of reports, articles, proposals, and a dissertation. If you’ve done a lot a writing (or even a […]

20 Day Challenge Day 2 – San Francisco Advanced Measurement

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It’s just day two of my 20-day blog challenge and it’s easy to see why people fail at process change. I’m whipped, still have work to do to prepare for tomorrow, and it was very tempting to skip a post (kind a like cheating on healthy eating or skipping the gym). Reminds me of the many times […]

20 Day Challenge Begins Now

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A critical lens of Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge is knowledge of psychology, which involves concepts of human behavior. In improvement and change, we are frequently faced with the need to change behavior and increase our knowledge. How might we do that? One way to enhance behavior change, or at least learning about what it’ll […]