Quantified Self – Self Knowledge Through Numbers

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In improvement science, we talk about measurement for learning, but it’s in the context of business processes. Anyone who has worked with an improvement advisor knows that we think so much through the lens of Profound Knowledge that we don’t limit our data tracking to our work, we also collect data on ourselves. I often […]

NHS South West Improvement Profiled at IHI Forum

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Each year, at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement National Forum in Orlando, FL, project results from across the IHI portfolio are profiled in the annual progress report. This year, one of those projects was the NHS Improvement collaboratives in the South West of England. The run chart above reflects a 7% reduction in Hospital Standardised […]

What we think we say – How we speak to our customers.

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While sitting in on a session at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement National Forum a presenter displayed the following quote on the screen and asked the audience of doctors, nurses, and health care administrators to translate it. “There’s bear in a plain wrapper doing flip flops around 78 handing out green stamps.” The sentence is […]