QBS: Activity 3 – System for Obtaining Information

in Quality as a Business Strategy (QBS)

by David M. Williams, Ph.D. In a recent blog post (here), I shared how Associates in Process Improvement transformed Dr. Deming’s theory of Organizations Viewed as a Production System into a five-part approach known as Quality as a Business Strategy. In this series, we’ll take a deeper look at each of the five activities including […]

Quality as a Business Strategy (QBS)

in Quality as a Business Strategy (QBS)

by David M. Williams, Ph.D. In healthcare and education improvement, improvers have experienced the benefits of applying improvement science and related tools and methods to solve problems that matter. Now, leaders have started to think about how to do quality as a strategy for leading organizations. How do you lead for quality? What does that […]

Improvement Science and Implementation Science

in Improvement Science, Research

By David M. Williams, PhD As the use of the terms ‘Improvement Science’ or the ‘Science of Improvement’ have spread across health care and education, some ask how it differs or relates to Implementation Science? While implementation, and the study of it, could apply to any sector, it appears Implementation Science had its genesis in […]

Coin Spin PDSA Exercise

in Building Capability, Knowledge, Measurement, PDSA, Variation, Videos

By David M. Williams, PhD Several years ago, I was facilitating an improvement learning session and planned to use an exercise to help the participants learn how to do proper PDSAs and track data over time in a run chart. Normally, I would use my Mr. Potato Head PDSA exercise, but I didn’t want to carry […]